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Special Notices & Local Happenings

Special Notices

Mobile Deposit Important Facts

Mobile Deposit now available.

You need to be signed up for Internet Banking and then for Mobile Banking on your smart phone. Beginning Dec. 10, 2019, you should see the option for Deposits on your phone. There are instructions on the app, but here are some important things to remember.

Your daily limit per item and per day is $1500 but that can be increased if you call us to request a change. Our cutoff time is Monday through Friday at 4 PM Central time. Try to make your deposit by 3:45 to ensure it will get in on the current day's work. Small businesses can use Mobile Deposit but it is meant for only one or two items a day.

On the back of the check, you MUST sign your name AND you MUST write: FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT. The photo will not be accepted if you do not.

If the photo is not legible or if there is any other problem, you will receive a notice to your phone that you need to retake the photo. You cannot use Mobile Deposit for foreign checks, savings bonds, previously returned checks, or money orders.

Your deposit will be reviewed by bank officers during the day. If is not accepted during the review, you will receive an email. If we need to put a HOLD on the item so it is not available right away, you will be notified.

Your Mobile Deposit will NOT be Memoposted on your account right away. It will post to the account that evening during normal posting as long as you send it in before the cutoff. Be sure to keep checking your deposit history till you can see that it has been actually posted.

We ask that you retain the check for 30 days. You will need to ensure that family members know this check has already been deposited. We recommend you keep items in a folder with a note on them stating when it was deposited. You can check the box on the back that says it has been sent for Mobile Deposit, as long as your family members will know to watch for that. After 30 days, you need to shred the item.

If at any time, you attempt to deposit a fraudulent item, your access to Mobile Deposit will be canceled. Be very careful that you do not attempt to deposit the same item twice, as this could also result in cancellation of this service.


In the past, Shazam has called our debit card account holders if they were seeing fraudulent transactions. They are now sometimes doing text messages.

Here is what their text message would look like:

SHAZAM fraud alert 8552195399: did you use card (last 4 digits of your card number) at (merchant name) for $ (transaction amount)? If valid, reply YES. If not valid, reply NO. To OptOut of Fraud alerts, reply STOP. Phone number to call Shazam is 855-219-5399.

If you receive other types of messages, they are suspect and you should not reply. Someone may be trying to get some of your personal information.

Changing Our Name

As of August 1, 2017, First National Bank of Menahga & Sebeka officially changed its name to Community First Bank. The bank changed its charter from a national bank to a state bank. The bank has the same owners, employees, services, locations, and approach to business. The bank’s motto is “Community First Bank—Putting You First.” The bank has a new logo and name but all services remain the same.

The bank’s insurance agency will continue to operate under its existing name for the time being.

Bill Pay Program Changes



Please DO NOT click on the Bill Pay button unless you want to sign up.

Our Bill Pay program is now called CheckFree. Some changes you can expect to see include:

1. Your pay date will be the day that you want your payee to receive your payment, not the day you want the payment to start processing.

2. You get to hold your funds until the payee receives the check on that pay date.

3. The new system will have a cost of $5.00 per month with no additional fees for payments over 10 per month.

We hope you like the new system. Thank you for your continued support and business.



Shazam Debit Card Customers


Please call us and give us your cell phone number. If Shazam believes there is a fraudulent transaction made with your debit card, they need to be able to call you to verify--especially when you are traveling. We need to supply Shazam with your cell phone number. Call us at 218-564-4171 or 218-837-5171. Specify that you have a Shazam debit card and you are supplying us with your cell phone number. Thank you!

Mobile Banking

You must be signed up for Internet Banking in order to use Mobile Banking. There will be a link and instructions for signing up. Please give Mobile Banking a try. Even if you don’t have a Smart Phone, you can still use the texting option on most cell phones. Mobile Deposit available now.


Debit Cardholders: Be on the alert for fraudulent phone calls or emails.

If someone contacts you and states something about your debit card or account being frozen, DO NOT RESPOND, DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY OF YOUR CARD NUMBERS OR OTHER INFORMATION. This is a fraudulent call from someone trying to get information on your card or other accounts. If you accidentally did give them some information, please call us immediately to close your card and order you a new one.

Local Happenings

There are no Local Happenings at this time.