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Scam Alerts

Please--protect your personal and banking information.

Do NOT allow a stranger to remote in to your computer.You could get a blue screen or a message saying your computer is locked or blocked.  There would be a message to call a phone number, perhaps saying they are Microsoft.  Do NOT call them. It is NOT Microsoft. Do NOT let them remote in.  They will install viruses or steal info.  Unplug your computer, wait a few minutes, and turn it on again. They were just making it look like it was locked. Trust only local computer companies that you can find in the phone book.

If someone calls you and says they are the IRS, Do NOT believe them.                                                                                                         

The IRS does not make threatening calls.                                                                           Do NOT give them a bank acount number and routing number to charge you.  Hang up.                                            

Do NOT click on an email if you do not know who it is from.                                          

Do NOT open attachments on emails unless you were expecting the attachment.   Scammers can make an email look like it is from one of your contacts. It could say something about picutres, but it is a bad link that can give you a virus.

DEBIT CARDHOLDERS: If you receive an automated phone call telling you that your CARD has been LOCKED or FROZEN, do NOT return their call. This is a faudulent call. This is not the bank's phone number and we would never ask you to call and give us some of your account information. We already have it. If you have received a message like this and you have called them and given out your card number or any account numbers, please notify us immediately. We should close out that card and issue you a new one as soon as possible.  Always watch transactions on your account closely   

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